Ancillary Services

Ancillary Services

Construction Cleanup

We can provide the necessary equipment, supplies, staff and supervision for all of your construction cleanup needs, including:

  • Remove debris
  • Detail clean windows and mirrors
  • Vacuum and clean ceilings, walls, trim, frames, doors, and baseboards
  • Apply tile, grout, and stone finishes and sealants
  • Detail clean restrooms and break rooms
  • Dust light fixtures and trim
  • Remove protective plastic, coverings and labels
  • Clean inside and outside of cabinets, shelves, drawers, and countertops
  • Dust all horizontal surfaces, ledges, and walls
  • Polish signage


Most odor problems stem from water and sewage spills, mold, smoke, or chemicals. We’re adept at identifying the problem, removing it, and eliminating the malodor.

Mold results from water dripping and pooling from burst pipes or sprinklers, broken windows, leaky roof, or plumbing problems. Invisible mold spores thrive in warm, damp places such as wood, textiles, paper, drywall, and carpets. Mold not only causes odors, but also allergens with potentially serious health consequences as well as erosion, rotting and other severe structural damage. Smoke damage leaves odors embedded in the structural materials of your building and furnishings. If untreated, smoke will discolor surfaces and etch glass.

We’ll promptly remove the malodor using fans, dehumidifiers, deodorization, air scrubber filtration, and/or ozone treatments, as needed.

Building Supplies

To keep your building performing optimally, we’ll provide recommendations, as well as products and supplies, to meet your service needs and budget. This frequently includes matting systems, signage, alternative paper and soap dispensers, as well as trash and ash containers.


Make your facility eco-friendly by integrating recycling into your building maintenance plan. Flexible service options include deskside or centralized collection on a weekly or monthly basis with all material treated as confidential. Accounting reports will document the building waste, cost, and reductions.

Partnering together, we can make a positive impact in our region through recycling.

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