I’ve used Spencer for years and simply would not trust my buildings to anyone else. The company professionally delivers a wide variety of essential services I find extremely helpful. The owner is accessible and truly cares about his customers. ”

— Annette, Property Manager

We often give Spencer the impossible. One instance was when a contractor spilled hydraulic fluid on a terrazzo floor. The contractor 'cleaned' it up by pouring phosphoric acid on the floor, which only compounded the problem as the acid etched the imported tiles. The contractor was looking at a $100,000 repair, with only one week to our grand opening. I called Spencer. They explained what had to be done, the time it would take, gave an estimate for the repairs and set about correcting our problem like it was the only one they were dealing with. They were done before our opening, under budget, and the oil and acid-etching were absolutely undetectable. We had a brand new floor again. The contractor, and our company, were extremely relieved…to say the least. ”

— Bridget, Property Manager

After a building subcontractor spilled adhesive and ground it into the fibers of our new $15,000 rug, both my primary and backup janitorial vendors concurred the adhesive could not be removed and that the rug was ruined. I'd heard Spencer Building Maintenance was creative and cost-effective in solving difficult problems. Was I ever glad I called. They completely restored the rug! Spencer Building Maintenance became our exclusive janitorial vendor, and have proven to be consistently resourceful, extremely proactive and highly responsive in all situations. ”

— D’Ann, Property Manager

Spencer Building Maintenance began cleaning our offices, and now are responsible for a wide variety of tasks well beyond cleaning. We rely heavily on their dedicated managers, employees and ownership to perform highly orchestrated work in and around our own personnel. They are indispensable. ”

— James, Facilities Manager

What impressed me initially was Spencer's infrastructure. I was promised the best customer service, dedicated managers, and highly trained staff. They proved to be unbelievably capable and responsive in all they did, and their promises were fulfilled from the get-go. They are my custodial solution from here on. ”

— Jane, Vice President

We’ve been a Spencer customer for ten years. They still amaze us with what they can do and how they can do it. We recently remodeled a restroom in a newly-acquired building, and were required by the owner to keep a tile floor that was less than attractive. Spencer performed a grout revitalization process…we had little hope of improvement, but were blown away at the result -- which was essentially, a brand new floor. They've helped us on a variety of projects and proven themselves to be an outstanding and creative resource. ”

— Kim, Property Manager

I didn't realize how dirty our facilities were until Spencer arrived and made everything shiny and bright! ”

— Mary, Administrator

Before we began working with Spencer, we were besieged by daily complaints about janitorial service. After we hired Spencer, we received fewer calls in a month than we previously received in a day…..and some of the calls were compliments!  We never had that before Spencer. ”

— Natalie, Property Manager

I don't know what I'd do without Spencer Building Maintenance. I honestly don't! They’re the most responsive vendor I have, and always have my back -- whether day, night or on a weekend. ”

— Sue, Property Manager

I’ve used a variety of custodial firms in the past. Spencer Building Maintenance is better at what they do than any other company I‘ve dealt with. They are an invaluable tool in my arsenal. They get to the bottom of problems faster and better, with long term solutions, instead of the up and down service I’ve experienced with other organizations…big or small. ”

— Valerie, Property Manager

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