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With an unparalleled emphasis on customer service, we’ve served commercial clients in Northern California since 1997. With 350+ employees cleaning millions of square feet, we have the skill, resources, and innovation to handle your maintenance challenge, and are flexible enough to respond to any emergency within minutes. Clients enjoy consistent service quality in their buildings because our employees are permanent, well-trained, and detail-driven. Our products and procedures are effective, affordable, and environmentally-friendly. Our bidding and billing procedures are consistent, transparent and fair to all.

We’re not just clever marketing, but have all the resources to provide the consistently professional and clean, healthy environment you want for your facility. Using desktop publishing, anyone with a mop and a bucket can appear capable of handling any maintenance work. Caution—check them out to make sure they’re not smoke and mirrors, but really have what it takes to respond to your 7/24 daily and emergency needs. Drop by or call us for a visit—we’ll show you around anytime and you’ll be amazed with how we can meet your every need.

Our core tenets are simple: (1) improve the look and health of your building, while simultaneously extending the life of the surfaces therein, and (2) provide you customized service options to balance your building’s needs with your budgetary objectives. We pride ourselves on dependably providing the highest quality services, tailored to each client’s unique specifications.

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With identified production and labor rates, clients can scale services and consumable supplies up or down to meet their budget and service desires. This provides you the tools to improve and preserve the asset value of the building’s surfaces and manage your budget without hidden expenses, quality degradation or service surprises.


Saving you time and effort in budgeting and remembering to schedule work, with Spencer Building Maintenance, your periodic maintenance services are completed when you want and expect them because our systematized annual planning provides automated work tickets. Working in tandem, periodic work scheduling is coordinated with you and your tenants to accommodate your dynamic environment.

To better manage your facility’s maintenance, our systems enable you to readily manage your annual budget and maintenance calendars, better control spending, ensure proper service delivery, and protect your facility. The asset life of your building surfaces will be maximized, and won’t suffer degradation that would then require costly revitalization.

Zero defects are unrealistic, but we consistently provide a superior level of service, at an unrivaled value, to industry standards. Our intensive quality control system ensures that corrective actions in your building are identified, resolved, closed, and communicated to you in real-time. Trended reports measure corrective actions and requests, which we use to improve staff training, job scheduling, and communications.

Quick and efficient response to all client requests is paramount to Spencer Building Maintenance. We’re structured to deliver. Designed for urgent and repeatable response, our facility, systems, communications, stocked warehouse, equipped fleet, and trained crews are ready to deliver.

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