Janitorial and Day Porter

Janitorial and Day Porter

General Janitorial

Your job is hard enough without erratic janitorial service and unpredictable maintenance costs. Instead, allow us to systematize your facility’s maintenance so you can enjoy dependable excellent service, ensure the longest life and brilliance of your building surfaces, and relish a transparent budget.

Our ability to achieve solutions and evenly execute service delivery makes us an invaluable resource in the fast-paced environment our clients work. You’ll appreciate our attention to detail, seamless service transitions and responsiveness. Our highly-trained janitorial staff will clean your facility in a routine manner based on our management plan set up specifically for your property. Our strict procedure ensures safe cleaning of all surfaces, kills germs and bacteria, and prevents cross-contamination, while our real-time quality control system ensures proper service delivery, streamlines corrective actions, and facilitates client communication.

With our flexibility and discipline, we’ll meet any green or LEED policy our clients may require, or provide a guidance policy to maximize your LEED-EBOM maintenance points. Our in-house repair team maintains up-to-date records of equipment repairs required for LEED-EBOM certification and can help your business meet those certification requirements. Our management systems document products delivered and used in your building, staff training, as well as planned and completed service schedules.

Keeping commercial property clean is a race with no finish line. Tomorrow will create more trash, dust, debris, soiling and unplanned emergencies requiring immediate attention. Let us keep your property continuously looking its best.

Day Porters

Tailored to fit the specific needs of your facility, our day porters will keep your property looking clean, organized, and professional throughout the day. Services typically encompass:

  • Refreshing restrooms
  • Picking up exterior litter and refreshing ash urns
  • Keeping building entries and lobby glass neat and clean
  • Organizing lobby and patio furniture
  • Onsite immediate response for toilet overflows, bulb changes, and spills
  • Other services to keep your property looking its best throughout the day
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