Resilient Floor

Resilient Floor

No matter the material—tile, VCT, concrete, stone, composite or wood – the only way to maintain a floor’s luster and maximize its life, is proper maintenance. We use only the highest quality finishing products and procedures to ensure that your floors remain glossy, durable, and slip-resistant.

Precision scheduling and performance of your periodic floor maintenance isn’t left to chance at Spencer Building Maintenance. Our automated work order system enables us to enter, modify, schedule, plan, communicate and consistently repeat your recurring maintenance without fail. You’ll always know when to expect our services in your building, and when services are complete and can be verified.

Our resilient floor care services include:

  • Tile (ceramic, stone and terrazzo)
  • Vinyl/VCT
  • Concrete
  • Granite-marble-limestone and other natural stones
  • Linoleum / marmoleum
  • Wood (parquet and plank)

Have dirty, dingy or cloudy floors? Grimy grout lines?

This poor surface quality isn’t the inevitable result of time, but rather the product of poor surface maintenance. Surfaces quickly lose their luster when finish is applied over existing dirt and grime. While the best solution to this problem is prevention, Spencer Building Maintenance is well-versed in restoration and can bring the healthy shine back to your floors. We’ll get rid of the current grime and implement a maintenance plan to ensure floors and grout lines remain clean and stain-free.

Treating New Floors

If your building has new floors, we’ll apply protective finishes and develop maintenance procedures to protect your floors, keep them looking brand new, and remain safe for all who walk on them.

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