Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Periodic cleaning is essential to maximizing the functionality and useful life of windows. Proper care will mitigate the likelihood of hard water demarcation, and the hefty cost and inconvenience of window replacement.

Window Care

Using deionized water with extension poles and brushes, we’ll keep your exterior windows, canopies and skylights crystal clear. When the composition of the building exterior and its location warrant, a building wash may be recommended to prevent alkaline streaking that can arise with seasonal rain.

Interior window cleaning includes perimeter, sidelight and reception area glass, as well as skylights and architectural interior glass. Our interior window cleaning service includes cleaning the window sills, door frames, tracks, plus wiping drips and over-sprays.

Hard Water Removal

When water runs down glass, metal, and masonry, it carries contaminants that, if not properly removed, cause demarcation from hard water spots, mineral deposits, haze, alkaline streaks, and cloudiness. Spencer Building Maintenance offers effective and affordable solutions for prevention and repair.

Normal window cleaning won’t remove these stains. Many companies use corrosive acids to attack the stains, but this destroy the building’s facade and landscape. Our advanced, acid-free hard water removal system removes the stains and residue without damaging the building’s finish, caulk, seals, frames, or surrounding landscape.


The best preventive maintenance for windows is scheduled building washes and window cleaning. Adjusting sprinklers and using drip tubing for plants to avoid over spraying onto your building will help.


Replacing external materials on a building can be costly if your building is severely damaged. Our glass, stone, and mortar revitalization processes will gently recondition the surfaces of your building for a fraction of the cost of replacing these materials.

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