We provide COVID-19 decontamination and peace-of-mind preventative disinfecting of commercial office and buildings. Call us, or click for details.

Our Formula

Improve the look and health of your buildings.
Maximize the asset life and luster of your building surfaces.
Provide customized service options to balance your building’s needs and budgetary objectives.

Flawless execution

Designed for optimum efficiency and service excellence, our infrastructure enables our  consistent delivery of intended results, and timely response to Client’s routine and emergency requests.   Clients require urgent and repeatable response 7x24 so we’ve designed all aspects of our solution for precision delivery.  Period.  

Our ability to quickly innovate, execute, and communicate has made us the preferred solution provider to NorCal commercial properties.  We help Clients avoid the unnecessary cost of repair/replacement.  Customers appreciate our attention to detail, seamless transitions, and prompt emergency response.  This enables us to present the cleanest buildings and most consistent service among our competitors, and to immediately improve the appearance of each building we take over.  We’re nimble, flexible, and large enough to deal with any emergency, but personal and responsive to every request.

Consistent delivery of intended results = quality service and satisfied clients.  We’ll keep your property consistently clean and looking its best. 

Open Book

With identified production and labor rates, clients can scale services and consumable supplies up or down to meet their budget and service desires. This provides you the tools to improve and preserve the asset value of the building’s surfaces and manage your budget without hidden expenses, quality degradation or service surprises.

Peace of Mind

Custodial and building maintenance is not a one-size-fits-all commodity, but rather an intricate operation involving innumerable elements 7x24x365..   Ensuring the right people, equipment, tools, supplies, and knowledge of what/where/when/how to perform in dynamic Client environments, in an industry averaging 400% annual turnover (ours is a small fraction of the norm) requires commitment to minute details.   Our Clients have peace of mind – they know, we’ve got this. 

Client’s maintenance and periodic work is performed when, and as expected, because our systems ensure consistent workflow, scheduling, scope, quality, and communications.  Clients receive an annual calendar to aid in budgeting and authorizing periodic services.  By systematizing maintenance, Client expectations for daily cleanliness, periodic floor-carpet-window care on time and budget are consistently met.  This also ensures the longest life and brilliance of the property.

Smooth service start-up and tranquil operations result from our extensive upfront planning and development of the Transition Plan, including:  Labor (hiring, backgrounds, safety and technical training, uniforms, cell phones).   Equipment and supplies to service each unique facility (order and stage for move-in).  Communications (what-when-where-who, emergency protocols).  Access (keys, alarm codes, service time restrictions).   And a myriad of other critical considerations unique to each site.

Onboarding client sites includes full understanding, and communication of all matters related to the building and tenant suites:   security, surfaces and desired finish appearance, lighting, trash, recycling, dispenser types and stocking, proper tools to manage the architectural and environmental factors of the building, and much more.  Information is identified and documented in our Site Protocol.  The Site Protocol provides for training and knowledge transfer of all our crew and management that service your property, as well as ongoing change management of tenant turnover, alarm code changes, building modifications. 

We all benefit:  Consistent results.  Reliability.  Peace of mind.

Here's the Thing...

Zero defects are unrealistic. But, our quality controls ensure that corrective actions in your building are identified, quickly resolved, and timely communicated to you. We consistently provide a superior level of service, at an unrivaled value, to industry standards. Quick and efficient response to all client requests is paramount to Spencer.
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