We provide COVID-19 decontamination and peace-of-mind preventative disinfecting of commercial office and buildings. Call us, or click for details.
COVID-19 Commercial Decontamination and Preventative Disinfecting

Peace of mind. Readiness for what is to come.

We provide COVID-19 decontamination and preventative disinfecting of commercial office and buildings.  

To enhance peace of mind for returning tenants when restrictions are lifted, sites are having us disinfect throughout, including all touchpoints, electronics/phones, furnishings, hard surfaces and fixtures, as well as upholstery and carpet.

When a COVID event occurs in client sites, we decontaminate affected areas. Remediations are completed using a variety of methods including disinfecting wipes, pump sprayers, electrostatic chemical application guns, fogging applicators, and ozone machines. All affected surfaces are optimally cleaned, treated and disinfected for the type of materials, items and nature of use in the affected areas.

We hope you never have need of our decontamination services, but please contact us should need develop. Our rapid response personnel, hospital-grade disinfectants and decontamination equipment are at the ready.

COVID-19 contamination prevention, and remediation, is the top priority in our client facilities. Custodial staffing has been maintained at pre-pandemic levels, with emphasis on cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. Many sites remain completely open, with tenants continuing to operate with full staff. Custodial services have continued as normal. Many have added 1-3x/day disinfecting services.

Since the March 19 Stay-at-Home Order, in buildings that have become less occupied, custodians have focused on more detailed cleaning than is normally possible. Disinfecting touchpoints throughout continues, since many sites are operating with a skeleton crew. If ANY personnel are coming and going, there is an exposure to those and others, and disinfection should continue.

We are honored to be your solution provider. Thank you for the tremendous support that you have provided our service personnel during this crisis, and the kind words associated with our responses to your needs.

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