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We'll show you how to reallocate your carpet care budget to continuously enhance the appearance, and extend the life, of your carpeting assets. 

Cleaning carpet before it looks dirty and worn is vital to a carpet’s longevity.  Even when regularly vacuumed, oily dirt, germs, and bacteria cling to carpet, while particles of dirt, sand, and grit abrade carpet fibers, with foot traffic driving oily soiling deeper into carpet fibers and backing.  Once a carpet is dirty and ridden with resurfacing stains, it can only be restored to a fraction of its previous appearance.  To ensure the best look and life of your carpet, it must be properly cleaned with regularity.

Our technicians use the most effective and appropriate equipment and methods to clean and sanitize your carpet.  Depending on the nature of the spill (coffee, fruit juice, salad dressing, blood, human waste) and type of carpet (nylon, olefin, blend, wool) different methods are required to treat the carpet, otherwise the problem will set.

Our trained technicians use specialized equipment and procedures to both clean and extend the life of your carpet.

services include:

Pre-spotting and pre-conditioning

Deodorizing and sanitizing

Hot water extraction

Dry chemical cleaning


Carpet guard and soil-retardant applications

Treatments to eliminate static, improve color, lessen traffic lanes and remove residue

Optimal Methods

Hot water extraction is the cleaning method most recommended by carpet manufacturers, as it provides the deepest removal of embedded soils.  It’s the soil we don't see that does the damage.  By the time soil is visible, the carpet fibers have been damaged.  Cleaning is recommended 2x/year for normal usage areas.  More frequent cleaning is typically needed in higher trafficked areas to remove stains and prevent carpet fiber damage.

Interim carpet cleaning helps to minimize the frequency for deep extractions.  Interim solutions typically use low/no water, combined with equipment and chemicals applied to the carpet surface, agitated by the machine, then removed. 

Regardless of the cleaning method, the cleaning materials must be fully removed.  Otherwise, traffic lanes reappear and stains resurface because the sticky residue acts like a magnet in attracting more gritty particles.

Speed drying is helpful in reducing total drying time, and preventing malodor.  It is imperative to let the carpet fully dry before foot traffic is allowed back into the area.

Spencer carpet technicians are trained to provide the most effective cleaning:  properly pre-treating with the right chemical, for the correct dwell time, to release the particular types of soil-stain (oil, bio, acid, etc) and type of carpet, using the correct water temperature, and machine agitation.

Soil Management

Soil management begins with controlling the perimeter. Walk-off mats are essential to proper maintenance because they capture soil, and moisture transference, before soiling reaches your floors and carpet.

With our 80/20 program, your annual carpet care budget can be reallocated to continuously enhance the appearance, and extend the life, of your carpeting assets. By increasing the frequency of carpet care in specific areas can help reduce damage and keep the carpet consistently clean.

Upholstery Cleaning

Furniture and partition panels are cleaned with special upholstery tools appropriate for the task at hand. This may run the gamut from a simple vacuuming to stain pre-treatment and hot water extraction. To avoid future spills absorbing into fabric, we also offer fabric protection treatment.

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