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Hefty Disposal?

Has your property been dinged with hefty uninvited disposal charges lately? This is becoming a more frequent occurrence throughout the region.

Even when there’s capacity for more trash in dumpsters, with the homeless foraging through the contents, trash bags are shifted and can pile above the dumpster fill line, even if only by a smidge.   Trash disposal firms are increasingly assessing penalties for even the suspicion of excess garbage.

Adding a lock on the dumpster is the simplest solution to control costs, contain trash and maintain a sanitary enclosure.

Adding a collection day may be appropriate. The overall monthly cost will be less than the surprise after-the-fact penalty fees.

Reminding building occupants to break down boxes can help minimize bulk, and ensure items are disposed appropriately.

Encourage recycling by providing clearly-labeled containers. Be aware of new 2018 recycling rules --- if bagged, only clear liners are allowed. If the transfer station can’t see the contents of the recycling bags, it will be deemed trash.

Longer-term Green solutions may include changing the building culture regarding trash containment and disposal.      

We love to talk trash. Let’s connect to implement a solution for your property.

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